Undergraduate Student Loan Cosigner

Undergrads typically take out student loans with a cosigner. Students usually don’t have enough credit history to be considered ideal candidates for a loan. Lenders will likely require undergraduates to apply with a qualified cosigner who will be equally responsible for repaying the loan. It’s a serious ask, but a student loan cosigner’s good credit history and belief in the student will help them reach their goals in college and beyond.

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of all undergraduate loans are cosigned


of borrowers choose an in school repayment option



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Very easy company to work with, friendly people.



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Ms. Johnson

I am a co-signer for my grand daughter Jordin. You folks are extremely easy to work with and always polite and professional!



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Co-Signer of the loan

I signed as a co-signer for my daughter for a college loan. The process was simple and easy. I was approved very fast and didn't have to wonder if I was approved. The whole process was quick and easy. I also want to say I had a couple of questions and I emailed the questions. Someone emailed me back quickly and was very helpful as well. Thank you


Key Dates to Know

Here are some key dates to plan for prior to sending your student off to school.

school building 60-90 days

Shop around for the right loan using the prequalification tool to see estimated rates.

car of people moving 30-45 days

By now you should have received a tuition bill. Apply for your loan in 3 minutes. Once approved, we'll work with your school to certify the loan.

building 10-14 days

Make sure you've received confirmation that the money is scheduled to be sent to your school.


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Can a cosigner ever be released from the loan?

A student borrower who is a U.S. citizen can request the release of their cosigner after more than half of the scheduled Repayment Period has elapsed, if the following requirements are met. 1. The most recent 24 consecutive payments were made on-time and did not include any forbearance or workout programs for . . .

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What are the credit requirements for student borrower and/or cosigner?

Exact credit criteria is proprietary, but we offer a free credit pre-qualification tool to tell students and cosigners if their credit scores qualify, and what interest rates they can personally expect from us before they apply. Plus, using the tool won’t impact your credit score. Pre-qualification isn’t a full review or guarantee, but it may help you decide if you want to submit a full application.