Payce: Cash Back for Student Loans

College Ave Student Loans has partnered with Payce Rewards, a free service where you can earn cash back for in-store and online purchases to help you pay down your student loan.

Shop and Get Cash Back to Pay Down Your Student Loan

Payce’s network features more than 61,000 store and restaurant locations across the United States, including Starbucks, CVS, Kohl’s, Petco, Walmart, Door Dash, Disney Plus, and more.

Once you earn $10 and link your College Ave loan, Payce will automatically direct cash back to pay down your loan. That’s right, you can earn cash back towards your financial goals just by doing your everyday shopping!

Signing Up is Easy


Step 2 You can sign up with your social media profile or your email address.


Step 3 Click on the verification email to activate your account.


Step 4 Set up the loan you’d like to pay down by going to Profile > Your Accounts.

You’ll need the account number for the loan you’d like to link. Go to or look at a statement to get your loan account number. The 12-digit account numbers start with ‘3600…’

Once you reach $10 in rewards Payce will automatically direct your cash back to pay down the College Ave loan you linked.

*If you’re waiting for money to be sent to your school, wait until you start school to complete this step.


Step 5 You can earn money two ways:

  1. Earn cash back on your online purchases by logging in and linking from the Payce mobile app or website to the merchant’s site to shop.
  2. Earn cash back on in-store purchases by activating merchant rewards once a month and paying with a card you link to Payce.

You can link a card by going to Profile > Linked Cards.


Step 6 Your cash back appears in your account after every qualifying purchase.

When your cash back balance reaches at least $10, Payce will automatically distribute your balance to the College Ave Loan account you linked.

Payce will send you an email when it makes a payment toward your loan.


And that’s it! We hope this gives you an easy way to put some extra money towards paying off your loan.

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